If you are expecting twins: A quick primer

Getting to know that you are expecting twins can come as a complete shock and makeyou worry more about your pregnancy and the babies. This is normal and it will takesome time for it to sink in that you are to have two babies at once. The key to copingeffectively with the coming twins is getting to know as much as you can about yourpregnancy. Here is a list of some basic things what you should know: You may need additional vitamins and minerals now. You may need more check-ups and tests and scans now. You may gain more weight now that you are going to have one baby. Your symptoms of pregnancy (nausea, back ache, etc.) may be worse than if youwere having one baby. You are more likely to feel anxious and depressed as you are worrying too much. You may experience more spotting as miscarriages are more common withtwins. You have an increased risk of developing gestational diabetes. You have a higher risk of having preeclampsia. Your labour maybe earlier and your chances of needing a C-Sec are higher.All of these will not necessarily happen to you, it is just a possibility so don’t stress toomuch rather here is what you should do now: Take more rest and sleep more as you will be more tired. Ask for help whenever you need it and do not attempt to do it all yourself Take your maternity leave earlier as there are chances the babies may comein (out actually) earlier Try and connect with other mothers who have/ going to have twins, they canhelp you cope better Trust your instincts and don’t ignore any symptoms which may alarm you.