‘I had an emergency c-section and I enjoyed every bit of it’!

I sailed through my pregnancy fearlessly and couldn’t care enough to read up about anything- not even labour! I was mentally prepared for a natural birth-  a calm, drug-free one. I relied heavily on breathing techniques.

My due date grew closer and I was at my healthiest best. Eating on time and walking were the two most important to-dos on my daily calendar and I cannot tell you how good I felt. I happily carried my baby four days past my due date, after which I felt a tightening in my stomach for the very first time. I cringed for a minute but breathed and felt I could manage the night without a hassle. 

The next day morning I felt a gush of water flowing out and it almost felt like I peed in my pants. I called my doctor and she suggested I come over. After a heart-in-my-mouth examination, she sent be back home simply because I had not started dilating. They also informed me that if my pain did not increase, I would have to be induced. I killed the day watching ‘Friends’, along with a huge tub of vanilla ice cream and of course a nagging pain that showed no signs of increasing or fading away.

Very soon, I was back at the hospital because the doctors didn’t want to risk me developing an infection since a part of my waters had broken already. Back in the ward, everything happened at a rapid pace. I was surrounded by doctors and nurses, all of them fiddling me at various parts (wonder how I took it). My private part (Which was not private anymore) was cleaned and I could feel a lot of tugging under there. A gel was inserted, they said! Just when I was trying to cope from that terrible cervical fingering, I was hooked up to a drip. And after twenty minutes, all hell broke loose!

My contractions hit the roof and I could barely speak. No amount of walking, bouncing on the ball or breathing worked. After seven hours of battle, I felt like I had failed. My wish for a natural, drug-free birth died instantly and very soon I was screaming pain relief. I started with gas and air, but nothing seemed to help. So finally, I settled for an epidural. The anesthetist looked nothing less than God to me and very soon the effect kicked in and I could not feel a thing. But then, the worse was yet to come!

My baby’s heart rate began to drop and a team of doctors was soon flying in and out to help me out. The baby had to come out asap and forceps was not an option as I had not dilated. ‘Just give me a c-section’ – I thought to myself.  And to my surprise, a doctor announced –'let's take her for an emergency c-sec’!

I dreaded going into a theatre and here I was gleaming with joy that I was going to have a c-section.  I felt a painless pulling sensation at the top of my bump. A sense of calm overtook me. And there he was, the three plus kilo human, crying away to glory. 

And at the end of it all, I found it hard to believe how quickly my views about c-section had changed!

Lessons I learned: Be well aware of the pain relief options and never get too excited about the baby when you start dilating. You sure need all that energy for the climax!

Feature Image Source: GettyImages