I feel odd talking to my bump but still want to communicate. How can I do this?

Bonding with one’s baby can begin much before your baby is actually born. The

bonding helps you prepare for life with the little one and gets you feeling more like the

mom you are going to be.

A lot of people choose to talk to their bump but if you are not comfortable doing it, it is

okay. There are still other ways to communicate with the baby.

Keep an ultrasound scan photo around

Seeing the ultrasound now makes the baby a reality even though you do not feel

the kicks and punches yet. Keep the scan around and talk to the scan rather than

your bump. This may make you feel like you are actually talking to someone and

help you communicate better.

Touching and massaging your bump

To communicate one does not always need to use words. Just a touch is enough

to communicate with your baby and vice versa too. Stroke your baby bump

gently maybe or lightly massage the bump with lotion, oil, etc. This will enable

you to feel your baby’s movement more too.

Singing to the baby or listening to music

Music helps communicate a range of emotions. Finding it tough to string together

words use music. Now there really is not much proof that music soothes your

child’s temperament but it is believed to encourage a positive temperament in

your child. Anyways music can help you relax.

It is okay if you find communicating with your unborn child difficult, it is perfectly

alright to bond once the baby is born.