“I always wanted to have a normal delivery”

Every time a bunch of young mothers gets together, the one thing they share openly and enthusiastically is their birth stories. Whether it’s normal delivery or C-section, there’s always a good-natured “I had it tougher than you” tint to the conversation. And while the normal birth ladies feel superior because they had to push a tiny baby out through their nether regions, the C-section ladies bristle with the memory of the pain of post-op recovery and difficult breastfeeding. Our personal stand here at ZenParent is that both are equally acceptable and neither one makes you more or less of a mother.

That said, the WHO advisory says every country should have a C-section rate of below 15 percent. Any rates above that mean women are opting for scheduled surgeries for no medical reason (which isn’t the best thing for your baby as C-section babies are more prone to obesity, allergies and other illnesses) or unscrupulous profiteering is taking place in private hospitals. Which is why it is extremely essential to choose your doctor and your hospital well if you are interested in a normal delivery.

*Amara Mehra always knew she wanted a girl child. She also knew she wanted to give a normal delivery her best shot, once it was confirmed that Amara and her husband *Nikhil were expecting a baby. “From the start I knew I wanted to be strong and healthy and have my baby via vaginal birth,” says Amara who, thanks to her doctors and supporting staff at Birthright by Rainbow (Kondapur Unit), achieved her dream of both vaginal delivery as well as having a baby girl. “I’ve always wanted a princess and now I have one of my own; I cannot tell you how delighted I am.”

Elaborating on her experience at Birthright, she says she can’t thank her attending gynaecologist enough. “Everyone should have a doctor like Dr Akhila Gogineni. She was always patient, available and throughout the pregnancy encouraged me to think about and prepare for a vaginal delivery,” says Amara, who recounts her experience in the labour room as one big collaborating effort to bring the baby into the world naturally. “The sounds of “push” were like an echo all around me. My husband, the team, doctors, nurses, everyone just kept encouraging me to push and not give up. It’s really hard to have a vaginal birth but I am so glad I did it,” says Amara.

She says a large part of the reason things worked for her was the team that supported her at Rainbow Hospital. And this is truly something you need to consider if you’re having a baby. It isn’t just the gynaecologist that carries the weight of a birth, it is the entire team that makes a vaginal birth successful, especially if you’re opting for epidurals and other methods to help you during labour. “The anaesthesiologist who attended to me was incredibly gentle and I felt no pain at all when I was being given a shot for the epidural. And one person I’d like to thank immensely is the nurse who took care of me right from the labour room till my discharge, Annapoorna. Thoroughly professional, very gentle, kind and always ready to answer questions, she was a big relief and source of strength for me,” says Amara.

Nikhil, while holding little Shanaya in his arms with a look of wonder, says, “There’s one thing I’d like to add to what Amara said. We kept hearing from our friends how they all had C-section births and were worried that we might end up with one. But right from day one doctors at Birthright only spoke about normal births; there was never a doubt in our minds that if everything went well, we would end up with a normal birth. It’s great to see a hospital encourage normal deliveries.”

This article is sponsored by BirthRight by Rainbow group of Hospitals that specialises in providing high standards of care for pregnant woman, fetus, newborn child and the new mother. To book an appointment go to birthright.in.

*Disclaimer – Patient names have been changed in the above testimonial/due to the confidentiality clause with the hospital