How will you name your child? By yourself or will your family be involved?

Choosing the name of your child can be quite a daunting task because let us face it whatyou choose is going to stay with her for life. You want to do your best and pick onewhich she will love and connect with. You also want to avoid names which can easily betwisted, rhymed or abbreviated into something which could make her the object ofridicule.Now when it comes to selecting a name for the baby you will be surprised by thenumber of enthusiastic people who will come up with a list of probable names for you toconsider. Your family for one will be really prompt and enthusiastic to come up with alist of probable names.It is up to you as to how you will name the child. You can either pick out a namecompletely by yourself or you can get family involved.Naming your child yourself can be an empowering act. You can select from the variousoptions and finalise one. Obviously this will be something you absolutely love. But itsure will leave some in the family upset; those who are close and possibly supportingyou through the pregnancy.Involving your family has its perks as everyone feels important as their opinions weresought and considered. If you have an older child, he/she may enjoy picking names. Thedownside though will be you will have way too many choices (a lot of which will beabsurd) Also it will be difficult managing expectations of all and when you finally decidea lot may be upset that their suggestion didn’t get picked.Whatever you finally choose, remember do not rush into it as the name you choose isgoing to stick forever.