How uncomfortable am I going to get? Things that no one tells you about being pregnant.

1. Pelvic pain - During pregnancy a woman's body undergoes many normal changes to prepare it for giving birth including releasing the hormone relaxin, which softens ligaments, muscles and tendons giving them greater flexibility. Sometimes, the joint that normally holds the two halves of a woman's pelvis together becomes totally separated, causing pain and backache when a woman is standing, walking and sitting.2. Emotional rollercoaster – Put together diva one moment, hot mess the next. Thanks hormones.3. Bleeding gums - Hormonal changes cause the gums of pregnant women to bleed more easily. Take care to brush and floss your teeth gently.4. Constipation - Eating fibre-rich foods, like wholegrain cereals, fruit, raw vegetables and drinking plenty of water helps. So does reducing coffee/caffeine intake and increasing the amount of water you drink.5. Haemorrhoids - swollen and bulging veins in the rectum, which usually improve after delivery. During pregnancy your expanding uterus puts greater pressure on the veins in your rectum making haemorrhoids worse.6. Pregnancy hair - Pregnancy hormones slow down hair loss. After giving birth you may notice more strands falling out and your hair thinning, while your hormone levels adjust. Taking a good multivitamin including vitamin Bs and D and eating oily fish, like salmon, sardines or tuna twice a week, helps keep your locks lustrous.7. Hearing loss – Increased fluid volume in the inner ear from hormones can cause tinnitus or hearing loss in women with sinus.8. Nosebleed - Increased blood volume and pregnancy hormones affecting nasal tissue can trigger nosebleeds.9. Leaking breasts - Women's breasts increase in size, fullness and tenderness during pregnancy to prepare for breastfeeding. Some women's breasts leak colostrum.10. Varicose veins - Purplish or blue colored, they are caused by increased blood volume putting pressure on veins and most frequently occur on the backs of women's calves resembling bruises.