Things to do on maternity leave

what to do during maternity leave

How to spend maternity leave efficiently

According to the law, the earliest you can go on a maternity leave is 6 weeks before the specified due date. However, if work and travel gets too overwhelming and risk for you and your baby, you can take it earlier, citing it as sick leave.

However, using this maternity leave cleverly can reap heavy benefits in future:

Planning the days ahead:

  • Even if your maternity leave is paid, it is best to plan your finances, because for the same income, the expenditure is going to increase exponentially after the baby arrives.
  • Talk to your company about the benefits you would receive. Make sure you have all the details noted down somewhere you can refer to in case you need
  • Plan your trip to the hospital on the delivery day and make a list of emergency Contacts.
  • Start thinking whether you want to hire a nanny or enroll in a daycare centre. It is better to start exploring all the options so that when it’s time, you can make an informed decision. Try also talking to the mothers who have been using your company’s day care services, if they have any tie-ups. This will give you neutral information. There is nothing more solid than another mother’s intuition.
  • If you are planning on hiring a nanny, start spreading the word and interviewing Candidates.

Fun things to do during maternity leave:

  • Prepare for your post-delivery activities – such as hiring a masseuse for you and your baby. Think of all the rest and relaxation that you and your baby would be needing after the stressful delivery and post-delivery rituals we have, and buy yourself some nice massage oils to rejuvenate yourself.
  • While maternity leave is not all about socializing, it is good to be friends with someone who is in the same situation as you are. This will help you tremendously. If nothing, it’s great just having someone else to talk to about your feelings. Moreso considering your emotions which are bound to be all over the place, what with everyone giving you unsolicited advice on everything under the sun. You can also eventually have baby play dates and step out of the house for some adventures like going out for coffee with your babies in tow.

Remember to always cut yourself some slack if you inevitably spend a couple of days in bed, doing nothing. You completely deserve it!