How to make your regular clothes last a little longer. Dressing well on a budget

A pregnancy can be quite an expensive affair and maternity clothes just add to the bill. The thing with purchasing maternity clothes is also that you will be growing so fast that it might be confusing deciding what sizes you would need.It would be sensible to try and work with regular clothes as long as possible and here are some tips as to how you could make them last now –
  • Layer your clothes – wear a tank top below and a blouse or shirt above it. Leave the shirt/ blouse unbuttoned to give you ample space to grow and move.
  • Your inner wear tank top can now be safely used as outerwear. No one will know.
  • If you have dresses in your wardrobe well now is the best time to wear them. Opt for the ones which are a little loose and flowy or of stretchable fabric.
  • Look into your wardrobe and choose all the empire line tunics and kurtis you have. They can accommodate a lot of the growing belly and hips. Any tunic should also suffice for now.
  • Wear a lot of leggings as they are stretchy and you can roll them down at the waist.
  • Use a nice sturdy rubber band on your pants to loop together your button and the button-hole which refuse to meet now. This should give you an extra inch or two to accommodate the belly. Wear a long top to cover the unbuttoned area or use a belly band to cover it.
  • You could buy bra extenders to give you space on your bust line. They are cheaper than your maternity bras which you can afford to buy later.