How to keep cool in the summer when you’re pregnant

If the pregnancy was not enough to make you feel uncomfortable with all the extra-sensitivity to heat, it is summer now. You are just plain cranky now which is not pleasant for anyone around you let alone being good for you and your unborn baby.Here is how you can keep cool in the summer:
  • Drink a lot of fluids The summer can drain the body of a lot of fluids and staying hydrated is essential to a healthy pregnancy. Have water or juices or fruit infused water to meet your daily requirements water.
  • Swim Nothing helps one cool faster or better than a good swim. It also eases the weight on your joints and soothes pain and aches
  • Breathable fabrics Let your skin breathe. Breathable fabrics will prevent sweat and also reduce chances of heat rashes.
  • Time going out Planning all your activities while avoiding the mid day sun is not easy or doable always but the mid-day sun can be quite harsh so try your best to avoid it.
  • Sunscreens The pregnancy and the heat are making life uncomfortable enough, you really do not want the additional sunburn. Ensure you slather on a lot of sunscreen and not just when out in the direct sun.
  • Showers You can’t head for the pool no worries take frequent showers to cool the body. Have a water-filled spritzer bottle and use it extensively whenever you are out and about.
  • Seek helps If moving out in the sun is getting tiresome it is okay to ask someone to help you out. Seek help and chill out indoors.