How to get the best pregnancy photo shoot EVER!

How to get the best pregnancy photo shoot EVER!

Are you ready to pop? Maternity photoshoots are really all the rage right now but it can cost you anywhere between Rs.5000 to Rs.35,000. That’s right!

We have curated a list of 5 top maternity photographers across India who will travel to your destination and give you the best quality of pictures. The memories you preserve will last a lifetime!

However, if like us, you’d like to get creative and plan something that is your brainchild then here is a sasta-sundar-tikau jugaad that’ll work just as well. All you need is a good quality phone (i-phone or Samsung top end models) and one trusty friend- you are good to go!

1. Pregnancy photoshoot ideas with your husband

1. Holding the laundry line

Pick up a few dolls clothes from your friend and clip them on a string like so. You and your husband can hold either ends and VOILA!

2. Husband holds belly

Take a good look at this pic and use permutations and combinations of it.. Your photoshoot will go down your memory lane forever.

3. Make heart with hands

We know that this has been done to death. But still look so special.

4. Dad kisses mom’s belly

Stand and ask your husband to go down on his knees and kiss the tip of your popping belly! Aww..

5. Mom and dad’s hands on belly making heart

Need we say more?

2. Poses for the mom: If posing alone, here are a few ideas:

1. Baby blocks

Pick-up some baby blocks and place on your belly. Click!

2. Sonography pic on belly

Place the picture of your first sonography on your belly!

3. Baby socks on belly

Baby’s socks placed on your tumescent reminds you of the little patter on your belly!

4. Baby shoes on belly

Ditto with shoes. Though in this case, the shoes are a real beauty too!

5. Bow on belly

Try this.. take a sash of blue and pink and tie a pretty bow on your belly. That way, whatever the outcome, you are ready!

3. Maternity photo shoot what to wear

1. Try long dresses

Wear long flowy open necked sheer gowns  for your photo shoot.

2. Try snug clothes

You can also go the other way and go snug as a bug. Snug clothes really look great on pregnant women.

3. Open shirt dress

Go simple and try a spaghetti tank top with a button down shirt with pants!

Either way you’ll look cute as a doll!

1. Best maternity photographers in India

1. The Looking Glass

Located in Mumbai (also shoot extensively in Southern India and Gujarat)


Starting price: Rs. 15,000

2. AJ Phtography

Located in Bangalore (shoot all over India)


Starting price: (only sent on request)

3. Manish Jaju Photography

Located at Goa (shoot all over the world)


Starting price: Rs. 15,000

4. Memento of Shades

Located in Gurgaon


Starting price: Rs. 5,000

5. Rimi Sen Photography

Located at Bangalore


Starting price: Rs. 35,000

We hope we helped you with these ideas. Write in and tell us if you need us to research on more and we’ll be more than happy to do it!

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