Having a second child with a toddler

Having a second child with a toddler

How to deal with your toddler when your new baby arrives

The blessed event has occurred, the little one has come. But how has that affected your toddler? Your toddler has started demanding more attention than ever, sometimes regressing to baby-like behavior. Once a quiet little angel, your toddler has suddenly acquired the characteristics of a screaming banshee.

Try these tips to manage your toddler when your baby arrives:

You can try the following things such that your baby and toddler soon become the best of friends.

  • Prepare your toddler as best as you can for the new arrival. Tell them that there is going to be a new baby who will soon call them didi or bhaiya.
  • If your toddler has been extremely dependent on you, try to gently and subtly turn your toddler’s affections towards other family member such as grandparents, uncles, aunts and so on.
  • While you are in the early stages of pregnancy, get their potty training done.
  • It is likely that your toddler will regress to baby-like behavior. Gently explain to them why that is not acceptable by pointing out to them the things they did not enjoy about being a baby. But don’t emphasize on them being a big boy or a big girl. Because they are not, they still are babies.
  • Try to spend some one on one time with your toddler, doing their favourite activities, such as playing blocks or reading their favourite books.
  • Talk to your toddler in their level about what they feel about the new baby.
  • Try to involve your toddler in the daily chores such as folding the baby clothes, keeping away the diapers and so on.
  • Be around your toddler when they engage in their activities and encourage them to continue with this quiet time. Quiet time can include playing with their own toys, or coloring.
  • If there is going to be a naming ceremony for your newborn, then make sure you show the pictures of your toddler’s naming ceremony to them so that they are excited about it. Request the invited guests to bring small gifts for the toddler too so that they don’t feel left out. Or keep some spare gifts ready in case your guests don’t bring any.