Bonding with husband closer to due date

Bonding with husband closer to due date

How to bond with your husband if you live in two different places closer to your due date

Most pregnant women experience an increased attraction and dependence on their significant others during this time. Having your husband with you at this stage only makes handling all the physical and emotional changes easier.

Not everyone has it easy though. A lot of us may not really have our husband around at this time for various reasons beginning from work to you deciding to move to your parent’s place for the last phase of the pregnancy.

As the due date approaches this may increase the strain on trying to maintain the bond between you and your husband and the daddy and the to-be-born baby. Here are some ways you could try to continue to bond with your husband-

  1. Make time for your husband. Sure he is living in a different place but ensure that you both spend some time of each day devoted just for the two of you. You could both have a chat at this time to catch up.
  2. Keep in touch – make calls, send texts, whatsapp, anything that works for you. Ensure that you keep communicating during this time. Do not make everything just about you and the baby; ask him about his day too!
  3. Help him to continue to bond with the baby, this will help you bond with him too. He might be feeling a little left out now with both of you in different places, so send him pics of the bump, sonogram results, etc.

Remember it is going to be tough and stressful but both of you should focus on why you are in different places at this time and stay positive.