Household Work During Pregnancy – What to Avoid?

Household Work During Pregnancy

Household Work During Pregnancy - What to Avoid?

You might love a spic and span home and the coming baby might be making you even more conscious of the dirt and germs, but it is time to take things a little easy now. While it might be sensible to be cautious when doing any and every chore there are some household chores which are dangerous now, namely:

  • Lifting heavy objects:

There is no limit to how heavy, heavy is; so it is best to avoid lifting heavy objects. The growing baby is putting enough strain on your lower back and your centre of gravity is moving. When you try and lift heavy objects like furniture, groceries, a bucket of water or even your older child you further strain your lower back and are risking a serious back injury. If you must lift, get someone else to help.

  • Using chemical cleaning products:

The skin during pregnancy is very sensitive and thus use of chemicals can be toxic. Also the fumes can be dangerous. If you must use them remember to wear gloves, use them in limited quantities and ensure the room has enough ventilation while you work. You might want to consider natural cleaning agents.

  • Cleaning up after pets, especially cats:

Cat poop can carry a parasite which causes toxoplasmosis infections. It may not be damaging for you but if you are infected it is damaging to the development of the baby. If you must carry out the poop, wear gloves and remember to wash your hands really nicely right after.

  • Cleaning ceilings, ceiling fans, etc :

Anything that needs you to climb up to a height or balance yourself is off the list during your pregnancy. So do not clean ceilings, ceiling fans, etc. If you must, get someone else to help. It is not about doing everything yourself, it’s about getting everything done, that’s all!