Home remedies for morning sickness

Home remedies for morning sickness

What is morning sickness?

The nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is referred to as morning sickness. Up to three quarters of pregnant women have at least some nausea or vomiting during the first trimester, and about half have only vomiting. The nausea usually starts around 6 weeks of pregnancy, but it can begin as early as 4 weeks. It tends to get worse over the next month or so. Here read about some effective home remedies for morning sickness.

Some effective home remedies for morning sickness

Morning sickness can really be a pain, especially if if you’re a very active person who cannot be cowed down by something as everyday as pregnancy and simply can’t afford to lie around in bed all day. Here are 7 natural remedies to try to ease symptoms –

  • Herbal tea

Ginger has forever been touted as the solution to morning sickness. Indeed, nothing beats nausea like a cup of ginger tea.

Herbal infusions made with lemon, peppermint and honey are also known to reduce nausea.

  • Try red raspberry-leaf tea.

This is a popular herb for a number of pregnancy problems, including nausea, and has also been shown to relax the muscles of the uterus.

  • Spices

Chew on fennel (saunf) or anise. Both of these have shown to soothe upset stomachs.

  • Boost Vitamin B

Taking a supplement of Vitamin B6 has also been linked to reduced nausea. Do consult your doctor before popping any pills though.

  • Hydrate all day

As with everything, water solves all! Believe it or not, women who drink a glass of water every hour show lesser nausea symptoms than those who don’t.

  • Get a citrus hit

Keep wedges of lemon handy. Sniffing lemon when you’re pukey to make the sensation pass is an age old remedy. If you find plain old water unpalatable, you can squeeze in a few drops of lemon to make the taste better and also keep nausea at bay.

  • Keep your tummy happy

Eat frequent and healthy meals all through the day.

Eat something as soon as you wake in the morning. Try keeping rusk at your bedside for this purpose.

Or a banana. Also effective at fighting nausea.

Regularly take your prenatal vitamin.

Avoid oily and greasy foods.

  • Identify and avoid triggers

One of the keys to keeping nausea at bay is to figure out what smells are triggering it and avoiding them.

If nothing else helps, remember most women report that symptoms alleviate by the time 13 weeks rolls around. Chin up, mommas!