High libido and sex during the second trimester

If you suddenly find yourself ‘wanting to do it more’ enjoy the moment(s) and thankyour hormones for this.Your breasts are bigger now and more sensitive which may actually mean foreplaycould be pleasurable for you.The hormone ‘oxytocin’ known as the love hormone has increased now and increasesyour need for intimacy. It also increases blood flow and secretions to the vagina whichcauses the vagina and clitoris to swell. The swollen organs and the added lubricationintensify the organism. The hormone also increases muscular contractions during anorgasm and thus you feel more pleasure.This high libido may carry on well until the end of your pregnancy so make the most ofit now before it gets a little uncomfortable (position-wise).So talk to your partner and discuss how you feel.As for the fear of harming your baby, rest assured that sex is not going to harm yourbaby, unless of course you have medical complications and your gynaecologist hasadvised you against engaging in sex.You might want to avoid the missionary (man-on-top) pose by trimester 3 as lying onyour back for too long could put pressure on your veins, also the belly may be gettingin the way. Experiment and opt for positions like woman-on-top, side by side anddoggie style (if you haven’t tried it before, it is a good time to try now!)If you do experience cramps for sometime post sex, it is because orgasms can causeuterine contractions still. Put your feet up and have lots of water and the feeling maygo, if it gets worse call your gynaecologist. Spotting may also occur which might bebecause of the friction between the penis and cervix, if it is menstrual-like bleedingthough call the doctor immediately. Both these are pretty rare though.