Healthy Diet in Pregnancy Last 3 Months

Healthy Diet in Pregnancy Last 3 Months

As your clock ticks and countdown begins you are possibly the busiest in the last three months. Clearing space at home, running last minute errands, etc. you might be too busy but remember this is the last leg to ensuring a healthy baby.

How to maintain a healthy diet in pregnancy

If you have indulged a lot in the first 6 months of the pregnancy it is still not late to try and turn things around.

  • Your baby is getting bigger and hungrier
  • Brain development is rapid right now. The baby’s brain develops connections associated with the metabolic processes, so this phase is critical to the development of the baby’s metabolism too.
  • There is rapid bone growth happening now.
  • Your body too is preparing itself for delivery so it will need more nutrition.
  • Your body is also preparing for lactation.

To ensure proper functioning and health is the last three months remember:

  • You need a lot of omega-3 fatty acids like DHA to support the brain development. Your best sources are salmon, walnuts, flax seeds, etc.
  • You need choline in your diet, the best source of which are eggs. Choline is essential to promote proper functioning of cells. It also reduces risks of renal, pancreatic and growth disorders.
  • You need protein for the tissue and muscle growth and development of the baby. Lean beef, pork, fish, beans etc are good sources. Protein-rich food also have iron (required for reducing risks of premature delivery and low birth weight) and zinc (aids in production of insulin and enzymes)
  • Have lots of fruits and vegetables for protein and Vitamins in your diet. This will help avoid constipation and help in bone development, immune system development and proper DNA formation.