Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil During Pregnancy

There is no magic formula for a healthy pregnancy diet. Typically, everything that is fit for a regular adult woman is safe for a pregnant woman. However, because there is an extra physical strain on the expectant mother as well as an additional responsibility to provide the best of nutrition to the growing baby, there might be a few things that just women worry about and have doubts.

 Previously you could eat anything without worries, but now you will have to weigh your eating options to ensure they don’t pose a risk to the life inside you. This is where many expectant mothers have questions about coconut oil. While mothers-in-law and other older women in the family will tell you to indulge in coconut oil during pregnancy, some will advise you to stay away from it. So what is the truth behind coconut oil during pregnancy? Are there any benefits for you and your growing baby? Continue reading.

Is coconut oil safe during pregnancy?

Coconut oil is not only safe, ut is highly beneficial during pregnancy. Therefore, don't hesitate to use it liberally in your cooking .

Benefits Of Coconut Oil During Pregnancy:

Coconut oil is bursting with health benefits for pregnant women. Here is a list of all the benefits that the oil offers expectant mothers.

1. Anti-Infection Properties Of Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is good at preventing most fungal, viral and bacterial infections. Just about two tablespoons a day can give you an immunity boost during pregnancy, thereby protecting you and your unborn baby from flu, colds, and other common ailments.

2. Great Source Of Lauric Acid:

After breast milk, coconut oil is the next best source of lauric acid. Lauric acid helps with milk production during and after pregnancy so that your baby ends up getting high-quality breast milk that will keep him healthy.

3. Can Substitute Dairy:

All dairy products are filled with goodness. However, not everyone can have them all during pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause some very strange food cravings as well as aversions. Food aversion to dairy products is quite common, and for those who are missing out on milk and other dairy products, coconut oil can be a great alternative with almost the same qualities.

4. Helpful In Overcoming Pregnancy Side Effects:

Pregnancy can bring with it a host of minor troubles such as morning sickness, constipation or heartburn. Coconut oil is a perfect natural solution for all adverse side effects of pregnancy. The oil can have a very soothing effect on your stomach and contribute to reducing the impact of acid reflux. Pregnancy may also give you some sleepless, tiring nights. You can use coconut oil as an eye cream to lessen the visibility of those unsightly dark circles.

5. Soothing Aid For Lactating Mothers:

Among the many problems that lactating mothers face when they choose to breastfeed, one of the most troublesome is cracked and sour nipples. Topical application of coconut oil can be very soothing.

6. Nourishing Dry Scalp:

A common problem during pregnancy (thanks to fluctuating hormones) is dry scalp. You can combat this problem with coconut oil. Just apply a little oil on your scalp and leave overnight. The following day you can wash it off with lukewarm water. It will nourish your scalp and keep dryness at bay.

7. Treat Stretch Marks:

Pregnancy can leave you with some very nasty stretch marks all over your belly. Stretch marks occur because of the stretching of the skin and underlying muscles to accommodate your growing baby. This tends to render the skin loose after childbirth, causing all those unsightly stretch marks. Topical application of coconut oil during pregnancy can prevent the formation of stretch marks as the oil moisturizes the skin and improves its elasticity.

The best part is you can continue using coconut oil even after giving birth. You can use it to treat cradle cap and nappy rash. The oil also makes a brilliant baby massage oil. The nutrients penetrate your baby’s skin to help him develop strong muscles and bones.

How Coconut Oil Helps The Baby In The Womb:

The saturated fat content of coconut oil will help in accumulation of fats that will provide adequate energy and proper bodily function, necessary for pregnancy. During pregnancy, your baby derives his essential nutrients and calories from your body. After your baby gets her supply, the remaining nutrients are absorbed by your body. Hence, these fat deposits will help in keeping you energized while making sure your baby receives his share.

So go right ahead (obviously after consulting your specialist) and use coconut oil during pregnancy. If you have never used the oil before, continue reading as we have some tips to help you make the oil a part of your daily life.

Source: mom junction