Handling the pressure from family for delivering by C-Section as per the Zodiac Signs

In a country obsessed with zodiac signs, planetary positions, etc of a person during her entire life span, it should come as no surprise when people around you discuss the probable zodiac sign of your child, the impact on her life, etc. But that doesn’t mean it is not something which is putting off!The time and date of the birth of your child is in all probable circumstances something you could do nothing about, unless of course people start dropping hints (some subtle and some not-so) for you to opt for a C-Sec timed to perfection with the planetary positions. If you do yourself wholly believe in it and want to opt for it – go for it! Not that it will make a huge difference but then at least it will be something you choose. If you do not want it – the best is to make it clear to everyone giving you that top that you just do not believe in it. Sure it will not be easy (they do after all believe in astrology) but having your husband by your side for support can be a huge help. Explain to the well-meaning family and friends that the C-Sec (especially one which is planned without it being necessary for the child’s or mother’s well-being) is not really the best option for the child. A child born via vaginal delivery is healthier. Also when planning a C-Sec considering the Zodiac Signs there might be a possibility that the chosen date is before the proper term of the pregnancy which can affect the growth and development of the foetus.