Handling sleeplessness during pregnancy third trimester

sleeplessness during pregnancy third trimester

Handling sleeplessness during pregnancy third trimester

As if in an attempt to ease you into the post-baby phase the last trimester is possibly the time when most pregnant women have maximum issues having a good night’s sleep. The reasons for you not being able to catch up on beauty sleep can be your huge belly or the frequent bathroom trips now that your bladder is under extreme pressure or that you have sleepless leg syndrome, heartburn, etc or the baby’s constant turns and kicks in the tummy.

The lack of sleep is not going to affect the baby’s health as such but is sure going to leave you feeling exhausted.

Tips to handle sleeplessness during pregnancy third trimester

  1. Use all the pillows and cushions you want to make yourself comfortable. You could maybe invest in a good pregnancy pillow for that extra comfort.
  2. Sleep on your left to apply minimum pressure on your veins.
  3. If comfortable sleeping on the couch or a chair, go ahead and sleep right there.
  4. Try some light exercises, this increases oxygen supply to the body and ensures a better sleep.
  5. Avoid spicy food at night; eat light before you sleep to avoid heartburn.
  6. At least a half hour before you sleep, try and wind down. Avoid watching TV or anything which is distracting. You could try meditation to relax the mind and enforce positive thoughts to sleep better.
  7. Avoid tight or fitting clothes now. Wear something loose and breezy to feel more comfortable.

Also remember to not force yourself to sleep if you inevitably can’t. Make yourself a glass of milk, and rest your eyes. If nothing, your body will get it’s much needed rest.