Ghee during pregnancy: The facts and the myths

Ghee during pregnancy

If you’ve grown up in India, you’ve surely heard about the health benefits of ghee including one baffling myth thrown in – if you eat ghee in the ninth month of pregnancy, your baby will just slip out. Say what? There is no scientific evidence to support this belief.

Ghee is considered to be a laxative which could help to induce labour in women who are overdue. By causing bowel irritations, which then move over to the uterus, drinking ghee has been thought to start contractions. In India, ghee is also thought to lubricate the vagina and therefore help with a “smooth” delivery, pun intended. Please bear in mind that Science does not support either of these claims.

If you’re eating a well-rounded balanced diet as you should, there is absolutely no need to add ghee to your diet and hike up your daily calorie count. Even in your last trimester, you need only 200 extra calories per day for your baby. While you can certainly add ghee as a part of your overall diet, there is no need to add in addition to whatever you are already consuming.