Gestational diabetes: All you need to know

gestational diabeties

Gestational diabetes: self-help tips

What is Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational Diabetes is the increase of sugar level during the third trimester of the pregnancy. Similar to Type 1 and Type 2, gestational diabetes makes the blood sugar level very high.

Why does it happen - Causes of Gestational Diabetes

This happens when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin to keep the body sugar under control. During mid-pregnancy, the body produces extra insulin to cater to the growing needs of the fetus and the pregnant body.

This happens because the hormones from the placenta tend reduce the effect of insulin on the body. If your body cannot meet this extra demands, then the sugar level in the body increases and you may develop gestational diabetes. Once detected, it is very important to control the rise in blood sugar otherwise it may affect you and your baby. Undetected or uncontrolled gestational diabetes is known to affect one in six mums-to-be.

Fortunately, gestational diabetes is known to go away after delivery. It is different from Type 1or Type 2 diabetes which is known to last the lifetime.

How can you control gestational diabetes?

Once detected, you can follow a few tips to bring it under control or prevent it from escalating:

  • Maintain a healthy diet: Opt for slow release carbohydrates such as whole grains such as brown rice, bran, oats, or ragi. Replace the fatty meats with lean protein such as chicken, fish, and pulses like kidney beans (rajma).
  • Ensure that you don’t add extra sugar in any juices or drinks. Try to decrease your sugar intake in your tea and your coffee if you’re having any. One teaspoon instead of two goes a long way.
  • Keep active and stay fit during the pregnancy by doing mild exercises such as swimming, walking, Pilates and yoga.
  • Monitor your weight control. If everything goes on well smoothly, you should be gaining 10.5 to 11 kgs in the whole term of pregnancy. Remember this is not an absolute figure. Every woman is different, so is each pregnancy. Talk to your doctor at any point that you feel you’re putting on more weight than normal.

Always remember not to get too stressed out if you’ve been detected with gestational diabetes. If you take all the precautions properly, there is no reason to worry. Stress has an adverse effect on you,especially at this time. Indulge yourself but learn to control your sweet-tooth pangs for a while, and remain active - you have nothing to worry about!