Garbh sanskar for pregnancy: What you need to know

Garbh sanskar during pregnancy

Garbh sanskar for pregnancy: What you need to know

The Indian society is rich with culture and values. We all know that. But what is really interesting is that, contrary to popular and ignorant belief, most of the traditions have a scientific base. One of these traditions is Garbh Sanskar – practice of inculcating values in the fetus growing in the womb.

Come third trimester, and your baby in your womb is now old enough to feel your moods, emotions and can hear sounds from outside the womb. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the mother with a spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally positive environment.

List of Garbh Sanskar activities for pregnant women

The ancient scriptures recommend the following activities for garbh sanskar during pregnancy:

  • Listening to music: In the second trimester, the baby’s hearing is mature enough to listen to the sounds outside the womb. Experts believe in the developmental effect of music on the growing baby – it helps develop the hearing as well as the brain activity. Garbha Sanskar suggests singing or chanting some shlokas specially composed for pregnant women in some specific raagas. You can also listen to some instrumental music such as sitar, violin, or flute – soothing music. It is not only good for your baby, but also an excellent stress-buster for you.
  • Thinking positive and being stress-free: Everyone cannot be happy all the time, agreed. Add to that the tension and anxiety, thanks to the pregnancy hormones, it is very easy to become moody and snappy at everyone. However, Garbha Sanskar suggests that the unborn child is likely to sense the mother’s moods and react to them accordingly. If you feel stressful when pregnant, engage yourself in an activity that is likely to put you in a happy mood, such reading a book (something light – nothing heavy, in mood that is), watching a comedy film, chatting with your friends or family.
  • Yoga: Yoga is a discipline that helps keep the mind, body and soul in balance. Prenatal yoga helps increase the flexibility and elasticity in muscles, making it easy to bear the labor pains. It also improves blood circulation to lessen backaches and leg cramps. Prenatal yoga helps improve the capacity to bear pain during delivery. The pranayama and breathing techniques help you maintain calm in the face of pain.
  • Eating healthy: Garbha Sanskar recommends a sattvik diet for happy and a healthy pregnancy. A sattvik diet consists of all nutrients and all tastes in a balance – sweet, salty, bitter, sour, pungent and spicy. But the secret lies not only in quality but also in quantity – Garbha Sanskar recommends that you eat in moderation.

You might get an occasional craving for chocolate and it is okay to indulge in a little bit every now and then. Remember, moderation is the key.

  • Meditation and Prayer: Meditation is the state of trying to achieve “zero state of mind” which means keeping your mind as blank as possible to keep it calm and away from stress. You can also think of your baby in the womb and think of the times when it is going to be born. Praying and spiritual activities help in the spiritual development of the baby, which is instrumental in shaping the baby’s personality when it is born. Garbha Sanskar has a pregnancy shlokas that you can chant or listen to the shloka – although it is recommended that you chant them to your baby so that the baby gets more used to your voice.
  • Being creative: Picking up a creative hobby is a very good way to keep your mind active in these days, especially in cases where you may not have much to do. It also enhances your baby’s brain development. You can try your hand at painting, knitting, pottery, or embroidery. You can also solve crosswords, puzzles, jigsaw puzzles to keep your mind active.

Here’s another idea, get creative with your baby’s names. Make a list of baby names you’d like to shortlist so that it will be easy to choose later.

  • Communicating with the unborn child: It seems really bizarre and weird at first, but Garbha Sanskar says that talking or singing to your unborn child enhances their development and strengthens the mother-child bond. Not only talking and singing, but also caressing the bump helps build a strong bond with the child. What’s more interesting is that the father can also participate in this activity and get acquainted with the baby, no need to wait for the baby to come out to start becoming a dad.