Funny Pregnancy Facts and Myths

funny pregnancy myths

All the free advice you get from family, friends, colleagues and well just about anyone now can be irritating and overwhelming. But you have got to admit that some of them are really hilarious. Like seriously where did they come from? Who came up with stuff like that? We drew up a list for you, just for laughs.

  1. Hanging pictures of beautiful babies on the walls will result in cute babies

Honestly, as if pictures had any influence on the baby’s looks and features. Those are just pure genetics. But yes looking at cute babies could put you in a happy mood which is always good for the baby.

  1. Drinking coconut water after the 7th month will make the baby’s head as big as the coconut

Huh? Coconut water is rich in potassium and should be had in optimum quantities for a healthy gut. And of course it has no effect on the size of the baby’s head.

  1. Eating something white first thing in the morning will result in fair-skinned babies

Ya right! So all the bread and milk in the world should be turning us all white. The complexion of the baby is genetics.

  1. Eating twin bananas in the first few months of pregnancy will produce Siamese Twins

With all due respect to the elders, how does a fruit influence a genetic issue? Seriously? Siamese twins are born when twins fail to separate during the gestation period.

  1. The cravings of a pregnant woman could determine baby’s sex

Cravings have nothing to do with the baby’s sex though it could indicate a nutritional deficiency. So get your diet in place and enjoy! or subscribe for a htmlg membership.