Frequent Urination During Pregnancy: causes & remedies

Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

One of the earliest signs of your pregnancy is your frequent visits to the bathroom to pee. You might find that suddenly now you want to pee more often or that the urge to pee can be quite pressing. It usually is common early in the pregnancy and then again quite bad towards the end of it.

There are a few reasons which together cause you to pee way more often than you would like:

Causes of frequent urination during pregnancy:

  • The hormone ‘hCG’ has increased the blood flow to your pelvic region. More blood flow to the kidneys means the body gets rid of wastes more quickly and thus more urine.
  • The uterus also is pushing at your bladder leaving it with much less space to store urine. This may ease as you proceed to the second trimester but will be back at its worst during the final leg of the pregnancy.

So how do you manage this urge to pee so often, and get enough sleep and rest?

Remedies for frequent urination during pregnancy:

  • Try leaning forward when urinating as this helps drain out the bladder better.
  • Avoid diuretic drinks like coffee, tea and alcohol. They will aggravate your excessive urination.
  • If you think that having less water can help, well it won’t. You need to stay well hydrated for the baby. Also dehydration could cause Urinary Tract Infections. Cut down fluid intake in the night to sleep better.
  • Try Kegel exercises which help gain control over one’s urethra and thus control the urination.

In case you experience pain or burning while peeing or the pee is blood tainted or you want to pee even when you are eliminating only a few drops each time you should consult your doctor as they may be signs of a Urinary Tract Infection.