Foods Rich in Vitamin B During Pregnancy

vitamin b in pregnancy

Foods Rich in Vitamin B During Pregnancy

Having a well balanced diet during one’s pregnancy is extremely important. You need sufficient amounts of minerals and vitamins in your diet to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Importance and Sources of Vitamins during pregnancy

The Vitamin B complex (all 8 vitamin B) is particularly essential to a healthy pregnancy. They convert food to energy, giving you the required boost you need now that you are pregnant. They are also each in their individual ways beneficial to you and the baby

Vitamin B1

It plays an important role in developing the baby’s brain. You need about 1.4mg each day.

Sources: Whole grain pastas, pork, peas, etc.

Vitamin B2

It helps keep your skin glowing and your eyes healthy. You need 1.4mg each day.

Sources: Chicken, fish, yoghurt, etc.

Vitamin B3

It improves the digestion and can help with morning sickness. You need 18mg each day.

Sources: Fish, peanuts, mushrooms, etc.

Vitamin B5

It helps in the secretion of pregnancy hormones and eases the leg cramps. You need around 6mg each day. You need about 6mg on a daily basis.

Sources: Corn, beef, milk, etc.

Vitamin B6

It helps in developing the baby’s brain and develops the baby’s nervous system. You need between 25-50mg around 3 times each day.

Sources: Whole grain cereals, bananas, beans, etc.

Vitamin B7

Pregnancy causes a deficiency of B7 in the body so one needs to increase the intake to maintain the required levels. You need 30mcg daily.

Sources: Oats, mushroom, milk, etc.

Vitamin B9

It reduces the baby’s risks of birth defects and you will need about 400mcg each day.

Sources: Oranges, asparagus, broccoli, etc.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 in pregnancy helps in maintaining the central nervous system and the spine, both yours and the baby’s. You need approximately 2.6mcg each day.

Sources: Meat, eggs, dairy, etc.