Feeling hot during pregnancy? What you can do to stay cool.

Feeling hot during pregnancy

Are you feeling excessively hot now that you’re pregnant? Blame it on the increased blood volume. As you already know, the volume of blood in your body increases by almost 50% during pregnancy. To enable the body to better handle all that extra blood volume, the blood vessels dilate slightly, to allow the blood to come of the surface. This can make you feel excessively hot.

Tips to stay cool during pregnancy

Here are some simple things you can try to help you to cope with the heat.

At home

  • Keep the curtains drawn all day to stop the rooms from heating up with direct sunlight.
  • Install blinds or stay in air-conditioned rooms all day.

For you

  • Take frequent showers! It's a great way to cool down.
  • Cook your meals early in the day when working it’s not that hot yet.
  • Avoid wearing clothes made of polyester, blended and synthetic fibres. Choose loose-fitting cotton, cotton voile, linen and khaadi and light colours.
  • Fill a spray bottle with water or a mixture of two parts rose water and one part plain water. Keep it in the fridge and spray your face regularly to refresh and cool you down.
  • Use chilled cucumber slices over your eyes for a quick refresh. You could also try cotton wool balls or tea bags soaked in cooled water.
  • Henna or mehndi is considered cooling and is usually applied on the hair.
  • You could apply cold slices of bottle gourd (lauki) to the soles of your feet. Bottle gourd is considered to help the body release heat.
  • Multani mitti (Fuller’s Earth) and sandalwood powder can be mixed and applied to the soles of your feet, neck and face. Dry it and wash off. It is cooling and helps prevent prickly heat.

Always drink lots of water all through the day, carry a small bottle with you wherever you go to avoid dehydration. You can always substitute water with lemonade, buttermilk, watermelon juice, raw mango juice or jal jeera.