Feeling Good About Your Body During Pregnancy

Feeling Good During Pregnancy

Your pregnancy could be advancing like a dream or it could be all that you never ever imagined. Accepting and feeling nice about one’s body which is increasing fast now can seem tough. But hey you are pregnant and that means all the changes are for the good. So here are 7 ways to feel nice and positive about your pregnant body:

  1. Stay Active
    Even if you are feeling all tired and bloated, exercising and moving about will work wonders now. It will boost your energy and help you manage your added weight.
  2. Wear clothes that complement
    Pregnancy does not mean all loose and ill-fitting clothes. You could still look smart and chic by making smart choices with regards to clothes – buy clothes that can stretch, highlight the bump. Accessorise with nice pretty scarves, jewellery, etc.
  3. Use effective make up
    Want to perk up your mood and confidence in a jiffy? Just dab on some make-up, works like a charm! You could try a new lipstick shade, etc.
  4. Opt for a new hairstyle
    Your hair is nice, thick and lustrous now. For a quick boost in spirit you could just simply style it differently! A drastic hair cut now may not be such a great idea because this hair texture may go once the baby arrives.
  5. Pamper your skin
    Irrespective of how your skin has been altered due to the pregnancy, take care of it with a regime that includes a lot of cleansing and moisturising. In case of severe itches, acne, etc. you may consult a dermatologist.
  6. Pamper yourself 

          Opt for that long planned but put off spa - a manicure, a pedicure or even a body message will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.