Fear of labour: Tips to overcome it

Fear of labour

Terrified of labor? Don’t be - Try these tips!

The biggest fear that grips all women when they are pregnant is the fear of labor – the pain. Not to mention, insensitive relatives adding fuel to fire by relating horror stories. All this adds to the fear of labor pain, which takes the joy and anticipation out of the whole birthing process.

Consider the following points if you are terrified of labor pains.

Tips to overcome the fear of labour:

  • Look beyond the pain. The labor pain is the only a part of the whole birthing process and you are not going to remember this pain later. But what you are definitely going to remember is the birth of your baby. So look forward to that!
  • Perform your prenatal breathing exercises so that you enter the whole birthing process completely prepared.
  • Talk to your family, your spouse or other moms about your concerns. You can also talk to a doctor if you are concerned about the pains. She will counsel you.
  • Think positive thoughts. Maybe watch comedy TV shows/movies, read comedy books towards the tail end of your pregnancy. Funny thoughts in your mind during delivery are likely to take your mind off the pain.
  • Think of the positive after-effects of natural delivery – you can get back in shape quickly, there is a lesser chance of having stretch marks and no post-operative care needed. No extra pains after the delivery and you can feed your baby as soon as you are well-rested.
  • Nobody said you have to deal with this pain stoically. You can scream and shout and groan to your heart’s content.
  • Be aware of any pain relief methods that may be available, so that you can request one if the pain gets beyond the tolerable limit.
  • Ask the hospital if you can have a labor partner. Ask someone you trust to accompany you while you give birth.

Remember, you do not have to beMother Earth and take on the pain, or feel guilty for not being able to take it as your other friends. Every woman’s threshold of pain is different. What could seem like a pin prick to you might be unbearable for another. So ask questions, and remember - no judgement - not even about yourself!