Fasting during pregnancy third trimester

Fasting during pregnancy third trimester

Fasting during pregnancy : third trimester - Is it safe?

So you’re in your third trimester, waiting for the final few months to pass, you’re hungry, tired and must be exhausted by the end of the day. But it’s festival season all through the year in India, and festivals like Teej, Mahashivratri, Vat Savitri, Teej are likely to come at least once during your pregnancy.

Skipping meals while pregnant is not usually recommended, so if you want to fast for long spells like Ramzan, Navratri, or Lent, you must take care of yourself. Talk to your doctor and get her clearance on fasting while you are pregnant.Studies say that as long as you are healthy and your pregnancy has been smooth sailing till now, there shouldn’t be much problem fasting during your pregnancy.

Also take the season of fast into consideration. For example, Ramzan falls in summer, thus if you fast in this season, you risk dehydrating yourself severely. Also fasting for long periods is likely to cause severe headaches, fatigue, fainting, dizzy spells and severe acidity.

To have a good fasting experience during pregnancy, try these tips:

  • Some religions do not allow even water during the fast. Talk to your doctor and your priest on advice to handle this best.
  • Some religions allows you to have specific fasting foods. Such as non-cereal foods, fruits,vegetables, and juices. Make best use of this leeway and ensure that you don’t starve yourself.
  • If the weather is humid and hot, stay indoors while fasting and avoid any physical activity.
  • If you suffer from acidity, exhaustion, palpitations, talk to your doctor right away.

If the idea of missing the fast upsets you, then think along the following lines:

  • Instead of fasting the whole period, can you fast on the first and the last day of theperiod?
  • Is it possible to fast weekly or alternate days?
  • Can you opt for a fruit diet instead of giving up food altogether?
  • Does the fast allows for exemptions for pregnant women?
  • Is it possible to share the fast? Some customs have that facility.
  • Can you have a different kind of a fast?
  • Can you offer a penance for missing the fast?

Do remember though, at the end of the day, it is your and your baby’s health which should be your top most priority. Do not take a risk if you don’t feel up for it. Your body usually speaks to you, learn to listen to it and not push yourself!