Face Care During Pregnancy

face care during pregnancy

If you have the ‘pregnancy glow’ you definitely are one lucky woman - because not everyone has good skin during the pregnancy. A lot of women experience issues with their facial skin. Some of these skin problems include:

  • drying up of the skin (happens because of the overstretching of skin)
  • the ‘pregnancy mask’ which is a discolouration of the skin in the forehead, nose and upper lip (due to imbalance in the hormones)
  • acne

Pregnancy face care tips

One does need medication prescribed by a dermatologist to treat the various medical conditions, but here is something you could do to take care of your skin and keep it healthy:

  • A good night’s sleep shows on the face. Sleep well and you will definitely look healthier.
  • Cleanse your face well. As the facial skin is usually oilier than the rest of the body, it is more prone to have pimples or acne breakouts. Cleansing the face with a mild soap will help keep the oil off.
  • Follow up the cleansing with a moisturising routine. Use a water-based moisturiser for oily skin and an oil-based one for dry skin. Moisturise regularly, as often as you can.
  • Get yourself a nice facial massage to improve circulation in the facial area. The enhanced circulation will leave you looking great and an added advantage it is really relaxing.
  • Intake of a lot of water flushes out the toxins from the body. Removal of toxins makes the skin look healthier.
  • Smile - and your facial muscles (a lot of them) get exercised and that helps you look good. Also happiness increases blood flow in the body and gives you a nice glowing skin.
  • Use a sunscreen always.