Face Bleach and Hair Colour During Pregnancy

face bleach and hair colour during pregnancy

Can I use bleach during pregnancy?

It is okay to bleach your face when pregnant, though if worried you might wait till the beginning of trimester two. (Baby is much less vulnerable)

Bleaching products (hair) contain hydrogen peroxide (diluted) and ammonium hydroxide. They react to produce the bleached effect. Hydrogen peroxide exposure should not be a worry as it gets broken down rapidly and only a tiny amount can actually enter your body.

Precautions to take:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions fully
  • Don’t use bleach on broken or swollen skin
  • Your skin is more sensitive now so it might be sensible to do a patch test first before going all out
  • Ensure the room is well aired
  • Don’t leave the product on for more time than suggested

Can I use hair colour during pregnancy?

There is not too much evidence on this front but it is believed that colouring your hair during pregnancy is safe. You might want to avoid global hair colouring and opt for streaking or highlighting, etc. This is because the colouring agents are absorbed in via the skin and not hair shaft.

In case you are worried wait till trimester 2 when the baby is much stronger.

Vegetable dyes may sound like good alternatives but it is important to check the ingredients first.

Henna is a good option is you are okay with the additional mess, extra time keeping it on and the red-orange hue it brings. (Henna on the hands is risky though as they might cover synthetic chemicals or potentially risky metallic compounds.)

Precautions to take:

  • Use gloves
  • Ensure the room is well aired
  • Don’t leave the product on for more time than suggested
  • Rinse your scalp thoroughly at the end