Exercise During 7th Month of Pregnancy

Exercise During 7th Month of Pregnancy

You are into the second trimester and you are feeling so much better about yourself and the pregnancy. A lot of that is thanks to the initial fatigue and morning sickness of trimester one beginning to wane. Hopefully you have been exercising throughout your pregnancy and if you haven’t, well there is no better time than now – come on move it and begin some exercises.

Tips while exercising in the 7th month of pregnancy

While it is safe to exercise (Assuming you have no restrictions from the doctor) here are some tips you should bear in mind as you continue to exercise this month:

  • Thanks to the pregnancy you have become more sensitive to heat so working out now is just going to raise the body temperature even higher. What you need now to keep cool are comfortable clothing which will help you breathe, which will stretch (your bump might be making his entry anytime) and which will give you the adequate support (choose a proper bra, preferably sports bra for support). Wear comfortable shoes too as the feet may begin swelling now.
  • A half hour before you begin exercise, have a light snack and a drink. You could have a banana and orange juice as they have potassium which the body loses with sweat and also give quick energy.
  • Avoid exercises or moves which require – upside down bicycles, shoulder stands, flat on your back positions, deep knee bends, back bends, jumping and bouncing.
  • Do not overstretch. If it hurts, listen to your body and stop immediately.
  • Be careful about your balance. Chose surfaces where the shoe grip is sound and there are minimal chances of an accident.

Walking, swimming, yoga, pilates are good forms of exercise you could choose from to relax and let you enjoy the numerous benefits of working out on you and the baby.