Everyday travel during pregnancy | Travelling by bus/auto/bike

bike travel during pregnancy

Well, so you want to take an auto to work. Buttttt you’re pregnant. Is it unsafe? Here’s the deal there really isn’t enough evidence to conclusively show that commuting on a bike or an auto rickshaw can actually cause any physical harm during pregnancy. However, it is not uncommon for doctors to advise you to exercise caution, especially once you’re in the fag end of your second trimester.

There are 2 things you need to watch out for when you are on Indian roads - unruly traffic and bumpy/bad roads. The cushioning isn’t great on 2 wheelers or autos and they also lack safety measures such as seat belts or airbags that can help contain the impact in the event of an accident or a fall.

Precautions to take for travel during pregnancy

If you are pregnant and HAVE to use a two-wheeler, consider these precautions:

  • Safety - ALWAYS wear a helmet.
  • Steer clear of super bumpy roads or high traffic.
  • Limit the commute time yas much as possible. Consider working off-peak hours.
  • Be sure to know about the hospitals or nursing homes in your route. In case you feel sick, you’ll know where to go.
  • Please abstain from driving if you feel dizzy or unwell in any manner.
  • Avoid your bike during rains as roads are slippery, potholed and difficult to manoeuvre.

Also consider the fact that as you grow bigger in your pregnancy, it may become harder to balance your burgeoning weight on a bike. You can thank your less stable joints and your shifting center of gravity. You also have slower reactions.

If you have to consider alternative means of transport, here are some ideas -

  • Car pooling or Ola/Uber share.
  • Use public transport - Metro/bus/Monorail, whatever works.
  • If you live close enough to work, you could even consider walking to work. The exercise is good for you. Avoid polluted and heavy traffic zones and consider walking with a friend for company.

Take heart in the fact that in a healthy pregnancy, complications from mode of travel are extremely unlikely. Yet, like in everything else, it is best to exercise caution especially if it makes you happy.