Ever knew these little mistakes will worsen your labour?

जब हो रहा हो लेबर पेन तो भूलकर भी न करें यह काम | Jab ho raha ho labour pain to bhoolkar bhi na karen yah kam

So you have finally sailed through those nine hard months and are a few days away from the big day? Well, congratulations on that. While it definitely is a blessing to be a mom, labour can be a very hard phase mothers, especially if you choose to opt out of painkillers. From worrying about the pain to the fear of giving up mothers have a zillion thoughts in their head before the little thing finally pops out.

However, there are times when some simple things, done in a wrong way can make the pain worse. Here are five such things that you should not do when in labour so as to ease the pain.

1. Fear of labour

Everyone has told you about how badly contractions can hurt. Yes, it does! Pushing out a tiny human being is no joke, so expect it to be a little worse than what you hear in fact. However, stressing too much about it can make your body go stiff, alter blood pressure levels and also delay dilation. Also, it increases the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol, which inhibits the production of oxytocin, the hormone that initiates labour. So keep stress at bay and try to stay calm!

2. Breathing

As much as you are screaming and rolling in pain, try to concentrate on your breathing pattern. Usually, when you are afraid, you breathe from your chest and not your belly. However, make it a point to focus on belly breathing by taking a deep breath and holding it for a second or two. This will increase oxygen and also produce oxytocin, which helps you fight the pain.

3. Dehydration

The excruciating pain makes you literally forget how dehydrated your body can get. So make sure you sip on water or other fluids so that you have the energy to progress the labour.

4. Lying on your back

Lying on your back during labour reduces blood flow and also puts all the weight of the baby and your uterus on the back. Also, this leads to your uterus contracting forward, which means you are working against gravity. It's ok to lie on your side, but make sure you don't rest on your back.

5. Not having the right birthing environment

Mothers can be stressed during labour and having a room full of doctors, nurses, and not to mention the guests awaiting the big news, can be hard for moms. So make sure you request a quiet room. Request the nurses and the doctors to keep it all calm and quiet.