Episiotomy and the things you need to know

A surgical cut to your perineum (the muscular area between your vagina and your back passage) at the time of delivery is known as an Episiotomy. In case of an assisted birth or your vagina not stretching enough during birth helps the baby come out.An episiotomy is not a routine procedure of delivery and will be suggested only if absolutely required. A tear in the area at the time of birth is likely to heal better as compared to a cut without complications. A cut which was not absolutely necessary could cause more harm than good.You might be suggested an episiotomy if:
  • The baby is distressed and needs to come out quickly
  • You have been pushing for long
  • You require an assisted birth
  • The baby is in breech position and needs to be born by assisted breech delivery.
  • Your gynaecologist feels you might have a serious tear
To avoid having an episiotomy you could
  • During the final phase of the pregnancy, try massaging the perineum area to reduce risks of episiotomy and ease perineal pain.
  • During labour, use various relaxation techniques to reduce risks of an assisted delivery.
  • Also during labour try being on your side or being in an upright position if you are comfortable with it
Recovering from an episiotomy can be quite painful and thus you will need pain-relief medication for quite some time.Ideally in a month your wound should heal and the stitches should dissolve completely.