Emotional Eating During Pregnancy:How to Realise?

binge eating during pregnancy

Emotional eating during pregnancy: Find out what you can do about it

If you think people eat only when hungry, think again. People eat for a whole of lot of reasons other than hunger – boredom, depression, stress, etc. and if you are pregnant the huge emotional upheaval could cause you to eat ‘emotionally.’

Certain food has the ability to increase activity of neurotransmitters in the brain this creates other changes that give you a sense of comfort. This of course is short lived and you end up eating more. Now this is of no help, especially not when you are pregnant and you want to keep that weight gain healthy and controlled.

So here is what you can do if you realise you are an emotional eater-

  • The key to avoid eating emotionally is to identify why you want to eat. So before you eat, make a note of what you are going to eat. This will give you time to analyse if you really need to eat.
  • Try and put off eating by doing some other activity like maybe taking a shower, a nap, etc.
  • Keep your favourite food at places a little difficult to reach, on the highest shelf or right at the back; even better would be not stocking it at home.
  • Do not eat from the package; serve it in a bowl/ plate. You will eat less.
  • The smaller the plates and bowls you eat from, the lesser you will eat, so yes switch the sizes.
  • Allow yourself to have a small portion of what you want. This will prevent you from binging later.
  • If you do end up eating anyways, try and go for a walk to burn those extra calories.

Remember to keep telling this to yourself - if you have been an emotional eater pre-pregnancy, it is not going to be easy to change overnight, but this is the best time to change that habit.