Eating out: Do’s and Don’ts

Ensuring that you eat home cooked meals each day is not easy, especially when we are

on the move. There will be days when you will eat out which is fine as long as you pay

more attention to what you are eating and the hygiene standards maintained when

preparing them.

Do’s of eating out

1. Do not miss meals. Always eat at periodic levels to keep your energy levels up.

2. Eat salads, pates and terrines in places where you are sure of the preparation

hygiene standards.

3. Have well cooked seafood or cooked fish.

4. If wanting to eat dessert choose crème brulee or caramel custard as they have

cooked eggs as ingredients.

5. Ensure you have lot of water to avoid dehydration.

Don’ts of eating out

1. Don’t eat too much

2. Avoid water/ curd used in street food for they might be contaminated. Be extra

careful in the summers and monsoons.

3. Do not have raw fruits, vegetables and salads at places where you cannot be sure

of the hygiene maintained when preparing them.

4. Avoid sauces, mayonnaise and deserts which are prepared from raw eggs. Check

if you are not sure.

5. Avoid caffeinated drinks.

6. Avoid food which have MSG (ajinomoto) added like packaged food, some fast

food and Chinese food.

7. Avoid raw or uncooked fish if it is not fresh.

8. Avoid mould-ripened or blue-veined cheese.

9. Avoid spicy or very fatty foods. Then can aggravate your acidity or heartburn.

10. Avoid ice is you are unsure of the quality of water used to make it.