Early pregnancy: Dealing with questions when you are not prepared for announcing pregnancy

Pregnancy questions

You just want to wait out the first trimester before making the all important announcement - just as a security that things are going ok. But you’re going to have to meet people everyday. But body changes during pregnancy may have already started to happen. Maybe your clothes are snugger, maybe you look a bit washed out or perhaps you’re turning down that one glass of wine. Curiosity kills the cat. It hasn’t killed people. Yet.

Tips to fend off unwanted questions

Whatever the seventy million reasons you don’t want to, here are tried and tested ways to ward off the questions when they come –

  1. White lie – Well, yes. If they’re mean, they’ll ask you about it later but oftentimes this is the easiest way out. Just say “There’s nothing to tell” And if someone brings it up later, you can always say you were just making sure everything was ok.
  2. Blame the doctor – Just say that your doctor asked you to be tight-lipped till you were in the clear. No one is going to ask you why.
  3. Avoid the bar and the word “crave” – If you’re a regular social drinker, almost anyone is going to pick up the clue when you turn down a drink at a bar. So it’s best to avoid the bar or at least the “Happy Hours” till you can tell everyone. And the word “crave” usually sends the Indian society into frenzy anyway. It’s best avoided.
  4. Wear mildly loose clothes – Blame your diet or the weather and go for some clothes that allow air circulation around your body. This will make the extra pounds harder to notice initially.
  5. Kid around – Just smirk and say “Very funny” or “Darn, I wish!” if someone actually asks you directly if you’re pregnant. And then change the topic.

Eventually you’ll come clean. But you should be allowed to choose when and how.