Drinking fluids: Beware of dehydration, irrespective of the weather.

The body now needs additional amounts of water – for the amniotic fluid as well as creating increased amounts of blood. During one’s pregnancy the hormonal changes in the body and physical changes can make one dehydrated pretty fast.Some common reasons of dehydration in pregnant women could be – not drinking enough water, morning sickness and diarrhoea.Dehydration during pregnancy is not safe and could lead to quite a few issues
  • You feel nauseous. So if you have morning sickness this is like a vicious cycle.
  • Constipation
  • Muscle cramping, fatigue, etc.
  • Urinary Tract infection. Pregnant women are even more susceptible to UTI and dehydration just increases the risks.
  • Lower amounts of amniotic fluid. This is risky as the baby then lies against the uterus instead of floating in it causing the baby to have deformities of arms and legs.
  • Premature Labour. Dehydration is one of the common reasons why contractions could probably happen.
This is not just in hot and humid conditions, though those experiencing those conditions should have additional water.Many would think drinking too much water would increase chances of the body retaining water. This is not a cause of concern, actually the more water you drink now the less the body will retain.Ensure you have at least 1.5-2lt of water now. Drinking so much water is not easy if you have not been someone who does drink a good amount of water usually. Also the frequent urination could make you decide to cut down on water intake. Do not do that.You could try the following tips:
  • Add a dash of lemon or lime
  • Fluids like milk, juices, decaffeinated drinks all add to the fluid intake
  • Keep a jug of 2lt of water and try finishing it by bed-time