Did you know having a second baby soon after a c-section is dangerous?

Most Indian celebrities who have given birth via c-section have wisely chosen to not hasten into another pregnancy soon after. For example actress and yoga-lover Shilpa Shetty had a c-section and has gone public to state that she is now in much better shape than she ever has been.

Don’t believe us? Then read this where she explicitly says so!

However in the west, Angelina Jolie has gone the opposite direction and had her twin babies Knox and Vivienne just two years after she had Shiloh. The result (I am too afraid to say) of for all to see. She looked emaciated and tired.

Often when women plan their first babies late in life (post 30) they tend to rush into another one soon after. One understands their motivation but it needs to be understood that there are some very real risks that are added to a mother’s health.

Especially if you have had a c-section the first time around, a mother must wait to recoup her health by resting enough and staying as stress-free as possible.

Here are 5 risks you need to be careful about:

1. Uterine rupture

There could be a very real risk of scar tearing for mothers who are planning another pregnancy right after their first c-section.  

2. Depletion of folate, iron and calcium

It takes over a year for the body to recoup from a c-section delivery. Even after that, if you plan a pregnancy right after you may be running the risk of having lower folate, iron and calcium supply that are essential for a healthy baby.

3. Exhaustion- physical and mental

The lowered vitamin supply coupled with the duties of a new mum, can severely exhaust a mom. This exhaustion may lead to shortened attention span and irritation.

4. A weak heart

The blood supply in a pregnant mom goes up by almost 50%, which adds to extra pressure on the heart. Having a baby within 2 years of giving birth by c-section puts undue pressure on heart making it weak.

5. Low lying placenta

Also called placenta praevia, this means that your placenta is lying low in the womb and blocks child’s passage through the vagina. It also causes minor bleeding during pregnancy. In a c-section scenario, the risk for this grows if you plan a baby soon after.

Doctors say that the perfect gap between c-section deliveries is between 2- years and 5 years.

So start planning your second one, right after your baby turns two and you’ll be safe!

Happy Pregnancies!

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