Diarrhea during pregnancy: Food poisoning and Diarrhea during pregnancy. What to do?

Diarrhea during pregnancy

A nutritious balanced diet during pregnancy is important to maintain your own health while nourishing your fetus. You will generally be able to eat the foods you were eating before you got pregnant. However, some types of food may cause poisoning and pose a greater risk to both you and your baby, which is why you should take a few extra precautions when you choose and prepare your foods.

What is food poisoning?

Contaminated food that makes you sick and is called food poisoning. If you have food poisoning, it usually indicates that you’ve ingested something that contains a bacteria, virus, or a toxin that’s induced you body to have a negative reaction. Food poisoning is characterized by nausea, vomiting or diarrhea and it is an unpleasant experience for anyone. Sometimes food poisoning may be confused with just morning sickness.

What are the signs of food poisoning?

It could manifest as nausea, diarrhoea or vomiting. You could also come down with a fever or feel extremely weak.

How will my food poisoning affect my baby?

Usually, it doesn’t affect the baby. However, sometimes food poisoning might be serious like listeria poisoning. Do see your doctor immediately, who can diagnose you with the help of blood tests, if need be.

What’s the best way to treat food poisoning?

The biggest risk is that you could dehydrate. Keep sipping water, Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS), juice and soups. The ORS will help restore electrolytes that you are losing from your body. See your doctor if the problem persists beyond a day and if you are unable to keep anything down.

What can I do to prevent it?

Make sure that you eat food only from hygienic and well reputed places. Stay away from uncooked foods, deli meats, ready-to-eat foods, and make sure foods are cooked well. Wash your hands and the utensils used well. Thaw foods in the refrigerator or microwave, and not on the counter.

Pregnant women are susceptible to listeria. So avoid pre-sliced, pre-packaged, meats. Pasteurized lunch meats are better than deli meats. If you must eat deli meats, make sure to heat and cook it thoroughly.

Consider avoiding fresh sprouts for the rest of your pregnancy - they might have E.Coli, which causes food poisoning.

If symptoms persist more than 48 hours or if you feel weak, dehydrated, nauseous or dizzy, please call your doctor immediately. He may prescribe a battery of tests to determine what's going on.