Delivery of Baby: 5 things you need to consider

Baby delivery

Whatever your decision be, remember that you need to be at a place where you’re most comfortable, have the best access to your preferred hospital/doctor and all the care you need with a new baby for full recovery.

Here are 5 things to consider before deciding where to have the baby –

  1. The hospital and the doctor – Perhaps, the most important thing of all – you need to have access to the best medical care that you trust when you deliver. Someone who’s seen you throughout or for a better part of the pregnancy is preferred so that they’re familiar with your history and birth plan.
  2. Proximity to the hospital – Also vital because you need to be able to get there as soon as possible in the case of emergency.
  3. Availability of recuperation help – Most women feel most comfortable at their parent’s places where their mom can care for their postpartum bodies and their babies soon after delivery. Alternately, you can choose to have help wherever you give birth.
  4. After birth baby care – Your baby’s paediatrician is just as important as your gynaecologist. You’ll want to choose a paediatrician according to your location. Similarly, nannies, daycares etc. have to be chosen in lieu of your location.
  5. Daddy involvement – Nowadays more women than ever are choosing to have babies near to where they actually live so that the Daddy can be involved from Day 1 with his baby. He can help with night feeds, diaper changes and feel more involved than ever before when women were shipped away to their maternal homes for over 6 months to give birth and recuperate.

Be it your mom’s place, your in-law’s place or your own, make sure you get what you want and need to have a comfortable and safe delivery with a team of helpers you trust.