Delegating responsibility to mother or husband during pregnancy

Delegating responsibility to mother or husband during pregnancy

Mum or husband? Delegating responsibility

One thing is for sure – once the baby arrives, you cannot and should not try and do everything on your own. Trying too much on your own will cause a burn-out and also emotional stress leading to in extreme cases depression.

Your most easily available help of course would be your husband. The next best option is of course your mom. Now you need to decide whose help you are going to seek in the initial days at least. If staying at home you have to have your husband to help and if you decide to go to your parent’s place for the delivery then it is mom. Now when it comes to delegating responsibility, aspects that could help you decide are:

The husband:

  • He has to do it all in the long run so you might as well delegate responsibility now.
  • It will help him bond better with the baby and make things easier on all of you as a family.

The mother:

  • Would be more willing to help as for her it is not a huge change in lifestyle.
  • Having done it before she is a storehouse of wisdom and could be better prepared to tackle parenting!

Whoever you decide to delegate to always remember the following:

  1. Do not feel guilty about delegating. You are not supposed to be doing it all by yourself anyways.
  2. You need to ‘ask’ for help, it will not come easy. No one will assume what you need and do it for you unless you ask.
  3. If you do not want the help being extended, just say so and refuse the help. It is okay to not be comfortable with help at times too.