Choosing your baby’s name and last name

Choosing your baby's name and last name

Choosing your baby's name and last name

If you haven’t yet started looking for a name for a child, now is the time to start the search. You can either keep it between the two of you, or make it a fun activity for the whole family. However, make it clear at the outset that the final decision will be taken by the baby’s parents.

In today’s modern day and age, it might also be fun to decide an innovative last name, if you wish to include your heritage in the child’s name. Currently it is a trend to add the mother’s name as a child’s middle name or to create a new last name by hyphenating the parents’ last names.

Ideas on choosing baby names

  • Family traditions: tradition to name the child from a specific letter, or a pattern in the names.
  • Trendy names: you can look for cross cultural names, but make sure you know it doesn’t have a different meaning in our culture.
  • Names of astrological signs
  • Consider all the possible funny nicknames that might be derived from a name and only then make a final decision.

If you are considering hyphenating the names, you may want to consider the lengths of the surnames, before doing so. No matter what you do, make sure it is a mutual decision and solid one that you won’t regret, because this decision is going on records and is going to affect your child their whole life.