Deciding Your Baby’s Name

Tips on Deciding Your Baby's Name

Tips on Deciding Your Baby's Name

One of the most exciting and stressful tasks when pregnant is picking your baby’s name. It is quite uncommon to have a name which is instantly liked and agreed upon, so be prepared for it to go back and forth for a while.

If you and your partner are finding it next to impossible to agree on a name for the baby, relax you still have plenty of time.

A lot of people decide well after the birth of the baby. You may find that holding the baby and maybe having her around for a few days helps you finalise a name which suits the baby and her temperament.

But you and your partner would like to work towards drawing up a list of probables maybe as the pregnancy advances. To be able to do that:

  • The baby is both yours and your partners so each does have a say in what he/she should be called.
  • Keep an open mind, listen to the suggestions. Try and understand the reasons for liking/ disliking a name suggested.
  • If you like a name because of what it means try and look for other which means the same thing, you might reach a consensus.
  • Do not take a dismissal of your suggestion to heart. Appreciate the emotions behind rejecting a suggested name.

Anyways you do not know the gender of your baby and you will not know until you have the baby in your hands, so it is not like you can have one final name.