Dear mom, this is what happened to me when you were in labour!

Dear ma,

I honestly have no idea what labour meant. All I knew was I enjoyed staying in a warm oven for nine months and the care you gave me left me speechless. But then, there came this day when things didn’t feel right. The space in there got lesser and I saw myself pushing my way out. I know how much that would have hurt you! But, let me tell you, I was in pain too and I could not even emote. 

From squeezing my way out of a narrow passage to feeling absolutely lost in that cold room, here’s all that I went through before I met you!


Mom, you know the best place for me is your womb! The warmth and the coziness I felt in there, was simply unmatchable with anything else. And when you finally start pushing me out, I did get scared, overwhelmed and the AC in the labour room only made me want to go back in there. Oh, and the adrenalin rush that I went through is terrible too. 


I know you were in immense pain and probably was hanging in there for hours, but my body was tortured too. Yes! The birthing canal was like a small air tube and squeezing my whole body through it simply felt like crawling under a fence. And when I was squeezing through the tiny passage I also received less oxygen, but Mother Nature helped me cope with this. And my head! I still wonder how my head could shape and mold into that tiny tube. Do I have an alien head? I am still wondering!

However, I saw you, after this traumatic journey, so the pain just fizzled away, just like it does for you!

Hearing and seeing

To be honest with you, I felt blind when I was pulled out. It was all blurry and in black and white! Is that how the world looks? I freaked! Well, thankfully, I did hear a lot of voices in the room – forceps, clean up, doctor etc, but I longed to hear that one voice I was most familiar with and that’s yours. Only after you held me and spoke to me did I know I was in safe hands. And I must tell you I HATE that sister who always wanted you to rest and held me in her arms, thinking I might fall asleep. Hate her! 

The contractions

I know how shaky and shivery you got when you had your first contraction. While you were digging into daddy’s skin in pain, I was actually surprised at what was happening. I saw the walls of my home (womb) caving in. It seemed like I was in an animated movie. Well, little did I know where this was all going to head! But let me be honest, I felt no pain at this point. 

The shock

And finally when I squeezed my way out, the environment I was born into shocked me, more than the birthing process itself. I hated the cold, bright labour room and also they shove something down my throat, (probably to make me breathe easily) and it almost made me puke. And then I finally met you, your smell, your touch, your skin, your voice and your face- It seemed like I was back to where I was! You held me close to you and that was when I was actually ‘born’!


Your baby

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