Pregnancy Dreams: what do they mean?

dreams during pregnancy

Pregnancy Dreams: what do they mean?

Thanks to the raging hormones, mixed with your feelings about yourself and upcoming future with the baby, you are likely to get vivid dreams during the third trimester of your pregnancy. Maybe you are concerned about your changing shape or you are anxious about becoming a mother (again).

It may be difficult to interpret these dreams, but studies have shown three different patterns of dream and have been able to interpret them.

Types of pregnancy dreams and their interpretation

Prophetic dreams

Many mothers see an image of their child running and skipping, or them playing with their child. While some of them get a clear image of whether their child is a boy or a girl, some others do not see it clearly in their dreams. Studies give a 50 percent chance of the mother being able to correctly predict the gender of her baby, just based on her dream.

Dreams related to baby’s future

Some mothers dream about their baby in vivid detail, right from the gender to their features. About 15 percent of the dreams of an expectant mother are related to her baby and its features. There have been cases where the mother was accurate about the features of the baby. Some other mothers are more concerned about the baby having an undesirable characteristic.

Dreams related to baby’s name

Many women dream about the names of their babies. Some of them hear themselves call their baby by a particular name, and some others see their baby clearly rejecting a name selected by her. Many cultures give a lot of importance to the messages in a dream and follow them, as they believe that the name suggested by the dream has a special meaning to it and might be lucky for the baby.

Do women dream more during pregnancy?

Dreams usually reflect the emotional state of a person. Pregnancy has to be the most emotionally charged state in a woman's life so it’s no wonder then that a pregnant woman’s dreams may be more vivid than usual. It has also been argued that a boost in the progesterone hormone during pregnancy could be a contributor in causing those emotional upheavals.

What you have to remember though is that we all dream and do it all time. However, pregnant women just remember more of them because they wake up all through the night for frequent bathroom trips! And the more often your sleep is disrupted, the more likely you are to wake up with a dream fresh in your mind.