Dealing with a family death during your pregnancy

Dealing with a family death during pregnancy

Dealing with a family death during your pregnancy

Everyone during your pregnancy will be telling you to stay happy and be positive and with good reason. A happy mother is good for the foetus but staying happy is not always in our hands. Like losing a loved one during the pregnancy can be extremely stressful and open a flood of negative emotions. The pregnancy makes handling them even more difficult, but here are some things you could try to help you deal with a family death –

  • Negative feelings are not good for the baby but even more so if they are neglected. Bottling up your grief is not good for you either. Allow yourself to grieve for the member you have lost. It is okay to be upset though people will keep telling you to focus on the baby and stay happy. Devote structured time each day to honour and grieve for the lost member.
  • Remember grieving the loss of a loved one does not mean you stop taking care of yourself. You still need to eat, sleep and exercise right. This will help the baby and you.
  • Find people who can give you the strength to go through this phase. It might be family or friends or even a virtual group of people who will help you deal with the loss.
  • Usually you are upset also about the aspect that your baby can never meet or be with the lost loved one. Try and keep your lost loved one as an active part of your baby’s life. You could try telling your bump stories about the loved one.

Dealing with personal loss is never easy. But this is a part of life just as the coming of the new life. Try and focus on the joys of the pregnancy and birth and the happy memories with your loved one to tide through this difficult time.