Dealing with a travelling partner when pregnant

husband travelling during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most emotionally turbulent times a woman goes through. The increased hormones, the hormonal imbalance, etc. all have an impact on the to-be mother’s brains and make her possibly more vulnerable than before. That would explain your fears, insecurities, irritations, etc. during this time which you would normally not experience. All this gets a little easier to handle with an understanding partner.

So what happens when your partner is travelling most of the time?

Sure it makes things a little more stressful for you but you must appreciate that it is his job that keeps him away; it is not like he chose to move away. Also he is doing it with you and the baby’s best interests at heart. Still coping can be tough so here are some tips to help you deal with a travelling partner better:

  • Accepting the situation

Accept the fact that he has to travel and there isn’t much either of you can do about it. This helps you move beyond getting upset that he has to go.

  • Spending some me-time

The best part of a marriage or a relationship is love and the next best is the companionship. It is nice to have someone to share joys, sorrows and yes even a cup of coffee with each day. Make use of this time to bond with your friends, others in the family or just catch up on your reading.

  • Fear

If you are afraid something bad may happen to him, talk to others about your fears. This may help overcome them.

If you are afraid of living alone, get someone to be at home with you during this time.

  • Stay in touch with calls, texts or photos messages; anything that helps you feel connected despite the distance.