Dealing with overbearing family during your third trimester

Dealing with overbearing family during your third trimester

Dealing with overbearing family during your third trimester

In India, every occasion is a family occasion, right from weddings to birthdays. And pregnancies. As soon as you have a positive result on the home pregnancy test, you are surrounded by the family list of do’s and don’ts. Every person has an experience to share.

Of course, everyone has only the welfare of you and your child in mind. But still at times, it can get stifling and you would want some peace and quiet, to be able to take at least two steps without someone jumping at you with some advice. And you want to be able to do this without hurting or offending them, because no matter how crazy they get, they are your family and you love them all.

Tips to deal with overbearing family during your third trimester

Pregnancy and child rearing are considered par for the course for relatives and friends for giving unsolicited advice. While some of it may be very useful, sometimes it may feel overwhelming and hard to handle. However, you should get used to it now, since it’s not going to stop anytime soon!

Try these tips to deal with an overbearing family:

  • Listen. First of all listen to their advice. No matter how old fashioned it may sound, it did work for someone. Right? You don’t have to implement it, but just listen and acknowledge. There is no point in hurting someone by outright rejection of smaller things.
  • Express your wishes and be firm about them, so that they are not chalked up to raging hormones.
  • Talk to your husband about what you’re feeling and tell him to gently request them to hold off.
  • “Blame the doctor”. If nothing else works, and you don’t agree some of the advice doled out by the relatives, just blame the doctor and get away with it. Tell your relatives that the doctor has advised differently and you’d like to follow the doctor’s advice